EHRS Parallel Services
While our classical Shabbat service takes place in the EHRS Beit Tefillah (Synagogue) our Rabbis will be offering parallel services at the same time elsewhere in our shul building. These services will include the major elements of Shabbat morning prayer, including the reading of Torah and saying of Kaddish, and will finish in time for all of our community to join together for Kiddush.

The Layers of the Prayers Explanatory Service
Our Shabbat service is made up of layers of Jewish texts built up from the Bible, the Mishnah, Talmud and liturgical poetry over hundreds of years to the present day. Join our Rabbis to uncover the history of Jewish prayer in an explanatory service, including an immersive Torah reading.
Saturday 9 November, 10:30-11:45
Rabbi Emily on The Amidah, the central prayer of our service. This Explanatory service will end in plenty of time to enable participants to join the rest of the community for our AJEX Shabbat commemoration.
Saturday 14 December, 10:30-12:15
Rabbi Mark on the Torah Service, the high point of Shabbat. How is this part of the service structured and how are the choices made of what to read each week?

Kavannah Service – Jewish Mindfulness Meditation on Shabbat
Saturday 23 November, 10:30-12:15
Rabbi Mark is leading this Shabbat morning service using a selection from our regular prayers, poetry ancient and contemporary, silence, meditation a contemplative reading of the Torah and the space to experience a special sense of rest (menuchah) on Shabbat.